'French Kiss' Lip Bangle in Aquamarine + Pearl


$ 1,699.00

Trying to get over an ex? Put away the voodoo dolls and start wearing more Aquamarine.  This stone possesses super strong metaphysical properties, that while may not cure your heartache all at once will help you overcome old emotional issues.  Made from a very special milky Aquamarine that resembles denim, this beautiful bangle compliments all skin tones, is set with a hand-cut stone, cast in 14 karat rose gold and finished with a natural pearl.

Styling the 'French Kiss' Bangle

Pair it with our other cliff+b bangles or stack with your favorite go-to bracelets. For those of you lucky enough to have been born in March this bad boy cradles your birthstone, so there go the excuses. 




"You'll always remember your first..."

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