23" 'French Kiss' Lip Necklace in Chrysoprase


$ 1,185.00

Feeling down on your luck lately? There's a kiss for that. Our Chrysoprase is a little ray of sunshine that brings positive energy to those who wear it. As a source of joy and happiness, a Chrysoprase is a gift that keeps on giving.  This brightly colored lip pendant cradles a hand-cut center stone, cast in 14 karat yellow gold, and finished with a diamond detail.  And since options are key, our Chrysoprase 'French Kiss' comes on an adjustable chain that can be worn 2 ways, at 21" or 23."

Styling the 23" 'French Kiss'

Pair it with one of our other cliff+b necklaces or layer with your favorite go-to links.  This apple green gem makes a lovely addition to any existing jewelry collection.

*These lips are made-to-order especially for you, please allow up to 3 WEEKS for our masters to work their magic.



"You'll always remember your first..."