23" 'French Kiss' Lip Necklace in Amethyst


$ 1,185.00

We hate to state the obvious but purple IS the color of royalty.  So go ahead, add a little opulence to you life with this incredibly intoxicating stone. And as with all of our 'French Kiss' lip pendants, this one cradles a hand-cut center stone, cast in 14 karat gold with a diamond accent for a little extra bling. Since options are key, our adjustable chain lets you wear it two ways at 21" or 23." This is also the only one of our kisses that comes in white, yellow and rose gold.

Styling the 23" 'French Kiss'

Pair it with our other cliff+b necklaces or layer with your favorite go-to pieces. This design appeals to those seeking balance in their lives, and let's face it, who doesn't need a little more of that?

*Since these lips are made-to-order, please allow 2 WEEKS for our masters to work their magic for you.



"You'll always remember your first..."