18" 'French Kiss' Lip Necklace in Aquamarine


$ 1,070.00

Trying to get over an ex? Put away the voodoo dolls and start wearing Aquamarine.  This stone has uber strong metaphysical properties that will help you overcome old emotional issues.  Made from a very specific milky Aquamarine to compliment all skin tones, this beautiful pendant is hand-cut with love, cast in 14 karat rose gold and finished a diamond detail for a star-like effect.  And since everyone enjoys options, our Aquamarine 'French Kiss' comes on an adjustable chain that can be worn 2 ways, at 16" or 18."

Styling the 'French Kiss'

This lip pedant is the perfect stand alone piece as well as plays well with others.  So go ahead, go all 2 Chainz on us.  Pair it with one of our other cliff+b necklaces or layer with your favorite go-to links.  Maybe, just maybe you'll trade in your therapist for this precious Aquamarine treasure. For those of you lucky enough to be born in the month of March this is also your birthstone, so there go your excuses. 




"You'll always remember your first..."