18" 'French Kiss' Lip Necklace in Moonstone


$ 875.00

Wearing our Moonstone kiss is like stepping into a dream.  This milky gem carries the energy of the new moon at the height of its power, which stimulates psychic perception.  But be careful what you wish for, as they say ignorance is bliss. This etherial hand-cut center stone is cast in 14 karat rose gold with a diamond accent for a little added sparkle. Choose between a white moonstone and a rainbow moonstone. The adjustable chain lets you wear it two ways at 16" or 18."

Styling the 'French Kiss' Necklace

The White Moonstone 'French Kiss' likes friends, so pair it with one of our other cliff+b necklaces or layer it with your favorite go-to pieces. Its neutral nature makes it perfect for both day and nighttime.  It is also said that if you're given a moonstone necklace by a lover when the moon is full, you will always have passion with each other. Time to start tracking the lunar calendar.




"You'll always remember your first..."

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