18" 'French Kiss' Lip Necklace in Smoky Quartz


$ 875.00

The chocolatey Smoky Quartz is as protective of a stone as it gets. Not to be mistaken with how protective you can get over actual chocolate. This ring will come in handy when you're seeking to ward off native energy. Our Smoky Quartz is specifically chosen for it's transparency and rich color, it is hand-cut, cast in 14 karat rose gold and accented by a sparkly diamond.  Since options are key, our adjustable chain lets you wear it two ways at 16" or 18." 

Styling the 'French Kiss' Necklace

Pair it with our other cliff+b necklaces or layer with your favorite go-to pieces.  Say goodbye to negative energy that's what this little pendant is for.  Known to ward off evil, you may just be trading in your evil eye for a Smoky Quartz lip.




"You'll always remember your first..."


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