'French Kiss' Lip Bangle in Pink Opal + Pearl


$ 1,499.00

Pink Opal is the ultimate stone for achieving peace and tranquility.  Besides being incredibly easy on the eyes, it's a gentle stone and should be treated that way. Softer in nature than say a diamond, the best way to keep this prized possession protected is to actually wear it. This particular 'French Kiss' bangle cradles a hand-cut pink opal stone selected for it's beautiful blush color, cast in 14 karat rose gold and accented by a natural pearl. 

Styling the 'French Kiss' Bangle

Pair it with our other cliff+b bangles or stack with your favorite go-to pieces. For PINK lovers out there, this bangle's healing powers are unmatched, so don't just buy it for its dashing good looks.




"You'll always remember your first..."

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