'French Kiss' Lip Bangle in Onyx + Pearl/Diamond Pave


$ 1,499.00

Meet your new best friend.  As far as stones go, Onyx's special powers include warding off negativity and helping release less than positive emotions.  We won't take all the credit but myth has it that an Onyx can help build confidence and sharpen the senses. So basically you'll turn into one fierce chick.  Not even your BFF can do all that.  So, if you're seeking a drama-free life, this bangle's a good start.  It cradles a hand-cut Black Onyx, polished to perfection, cast in 14 karat yellow gold and accented with either a natural pearl or a diamond pave dome, your choice. 

Styling the 'French Kiss' Bangle

Pair it with our other cliff+b bangles or stack with your favorite bracelets. If you were born under the sign of Leo, you also get to call an Onyx your birthstone.




"You'll always remember your first..."

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