'French Kiss' Lip Bangle in Crimson Ruby + Pearl


$ 1,780.00

The gem of nobility, this ruby will take your arm candy to the next level.  Serving as a symbol of endless love, it is considered to be the most magnificent of all gems. Just watch as this crimson red beauty becomes a talisman for passion in your life.  When it comes to our kisses, each stone is treated to bring out the most perfect color red, hand-cut, and cast in 14 karat gold. It's easy on the eyes and adjusts to fit most wrists.  

Styling the 'French Kiss' Bangle

Pair it with our other cliff+b bangles or stack with your favorite go-to bracelets. This bangle will bring its wearer a sense of power, vitality and poise.  And if you're lucky enough to have been born in the month of July, this bangle holds a personal significance as your birthstone.




"You'll always remember your first..."

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